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Sipra Jena
Step by Step implementation is a very good approach for the Beginners to learn new Thing. The site is Just Orth the Name.Very Help Full Site.Thank You Beginnertopro Team For Your Hard Work.
Rating:5/5  Date:01-01-2018

David Stem
What a Site man, Just incredible.
Rating:4/5  Date:08-12-2017

Sweety Shrivastava
Very Educative and Useful Site. Keep it Up.
Rating:5/5  Date:04-01-2017

Jhon Samuel
Very Nice Sit. Improve the UI.
Rating:4/5  Date:23-05-2017

Tina Kundra
Very Truth full Website, Step by Step implementation along with Code and Video implementation just Makes me a fan of this Website.
Rating:5/5  Date:06-05-2017

Abhipsa Khuntia
What a boring Site. Please Do Some Entertaining post man...
Rating:2/5  Date:08-08-2017

Palak Srivastava
Interesting site. Good job and keep it up.
Rating:5/5  Date:05-03-2018

daniel sellanyika
cnc machine tutories
Rating:5/5  Date:22-10-2018

I have a lot of requirement of the project Can you make me
Rating:5/5  Date:28-03-2019

Hi, Just I saw portable rechargeable fan making video. super video and notes. If possible please tell me how to make portable fan with 12V DC motor, 12 Exide battery and 10W solar panel. thanks,
Rating:3/5  Date:11-05-2019

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