In This tutorial, we will make a power bank using a 9v battery.This project we will take power from the 9v battery and then use LM7805 we will convert 9v to 5v then we will use that 5v to charge a mobile phone or anything else that require 5v to operate.As we know Ordinary 9v battery has the capability to provide 400-600 mAh per hour and the current flow is 500 milliamps. So it will charge a battery of 600mAh fully and more than that mobile will be charged partially. This is only an emergency power bank which you will require for the alternative of your power bank.

Parts Required:


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2.9v Battery

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3.9V battery cap

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4.1uf capacitor.

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How to make:

  1. First Of all, Connect the Vcc of 9v battery to the  Pin 1 of LM7805 because Pin 1 of the LM7805 Takes the current in and give the output current in Pin 3.

  2. Now Connet the GND of the 9v battery to the Pin 2 of the LM7805.

  3. Now connect one 1uf capacitor parallel to the Pin 1 and Pin 2 of the Lm7805.

  4. Now connect another 1uf capacitor parallel to Pin2 and Pin3 of LM7805.

  5. Now connect the Female USB socket.

  6. Now Enjoy Your 9v battery power bank.