Some factors which will really help you maintaining your healthy life:-
  • Keeping your heart healthy could also benefit yours hints a new study suggesting that people who risk factors for heart disease in middle age also at increased risk of dementia later in life 
  • people who have diabetes or high bp at the start of the study or who smoked at that time were at increased risk for developing dementia about25 years later.
  • especially those with diabetes in middle age 77%  more likely to develop dementia during the study compared to those without diabetes in middle ages. it seems also in case those who have smoke nd who had high b.p.
  • Dementia refers to a group of symptoms such as memory loss and the problem with communication in the brain there are many diseases and condition that can cause dementia including ALZHEIMER'S DISEASES.
  • A growing body of evidence suggests that the risk of dementia is increased by conditions that damage the heart or blood vessels, high bp according to the Alzheimer's Association.
  • The researchers note that the new study did not test whether treating heart disease risk factors actually lowers dementia risk. to take a look at exactly how these factors may increase the risk dementia, more research is needed.