The Main Purpose of this Project is to Create a Remote controlled car that can be controlled from a web solve this kind of problem I have tried many other modules like Esp8266, Esp12E, but unfortunately,  I face many difficulties.Then I got this Nodemcu From now it's Working perfectly.

Theory Behind This Project:-

       First of all, we have to create a wifi zone so that the esp 12e module that is present in the node MCU could be connected to it.. then We have to Program the module and using Serial Monitor which is present in the Arduino Software We will get the IP address of the Module.. then we can go to our device in which we create the hotspot and open the browser there and enter the IP address there then you will find a Web page which you have programmed earlier from the Arduino software.. so there we can give the command there and the module will recognise that data and send the signal to the Motor driver lm298 to control the Car i.e, the motor connected to the car...

Parts Required:-

  •   Node MCU 
  • Lm298
  • Robot Chassis
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Jumper Wire
  • Wheels
  • Tools, Etc...


  1. Check the wiring of the components one by one before fitting it to the car chassis. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find the faulty parts.
  2. Parallelly connect two motors and repeat this steps for another pair of the motor.
  3. Place the first pair of the motor to the one end i.e left the side of the car chassis.
  4. Again place another pair of the motor to the another end of the car chassis i.e to the right side.
  5. After connecting these four motors test them by fitting wheels to the motors and then connect them to the battery.
  6. Place a 12v battery on the top of the car chassis and fix it with a glue gun to avoid slipping of the battery.
  7. Fix the motor driver i.e LM298N with the help of glue to the car chassis.
  8. Then connect the wire from the left side motor pair to the motor input(1,2) of the motor driver LM298N.
  9. Again connect another wire from the right side of the motor pair to the motor input(3,4) of the motor driver LM298N.
  10. Then connect the positive wire of the power supply to the 12v input of the LM298 motor driver.
  11. Then connect the ground of the 12v power supply to the ground of the LM298N motor driver.
  12. Now Connect 4 data line from Lm298 to D0, D1, D2, D3 of the Node MCU
  13. Now Connect Vin of Node MCU to 5v output of the Lm298.. and Gnd Pin of node MCU To GND Pin of the Lm298.
  14.  Now Open Your Arduino Software in your Pc...
  15. Arduino Code <--- Download this Code Then open this file in your Arduino software. 
  16. then install one package called NodeMCU in your Android library.. there are many references you can get from google how to install NodeMcu package in Arduino Software.
  17. then Change your SSID of your Hotspot of your Mobile and password in the code...
  18. Now Select Node MCU0.9(ESP-12E)Board..
  19. Then Select Your Port Number...Finally, Upload your Code.
  20. Now Click on SErila Monitor in Arduino ide and check Your IP ADDRESS of your NODEMCU module.YOU may See something like this ""
  21. Now Turn on your Hotspot in your Android Mobile and go to chrome and insert the IPADDRESS in the URL and press enter then you will get a page like this.
  22. And Operate Your Android Robot From your Android device....

For Making watch this video:-

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