In India, during summer power cut is a big problem in our villages and small cities, some place power cuts last for 4 to 8 hours in a day.So during that time, people face a lot of problem like suffering from unbearable hot of this summer season. So to solve this type of problem here is our small effort in the form of this project. In my opinion, this is very simple to make. You can make this at your home And can save up to 500/- to 700/-. This is very lightweight, portable and comes with 4-6hours of battery lasting capacity.


        The main theory behind this project is that we have to make a fan which can be recharged and portable too.To overcome this type of problem I use a 12v rechargeable battery.Which have a capacity of providing 4-6 hours of battery backup, and can be charged from a 12v battery charger adapter.Here I have used two led indicator, one of the will indicate that the motor is on and another one will indicate the battery is charging.

Parts Required:-

  1. High Speed 12v Dc Motor.
  2. 12v Battery
  3. 2 *LED
  5. 2*147K Resister
  6. IN4007 Diode
  7. Dc Switch, Tools, Wire Etc.



  1.    At first check both the led.
  2. Fix the Dc motor on the Battery with hot glue.
  3. Then make a box to fit all the parts inside that box.
  4. Now come to connection part, first of all, bring a Veroboard insert a red LED in there, Now connect a 147k resistor to the negative terminal of the led.
  5. Now connect the VCC and GND of the dc socket in the Veroboard.
  6. Now connect the VCC and the GND of the Red led to the VCC and GND of the DC socket.
  7. Now connect the IN4007 Diode to the VCC of the Dc Socket.
  8. Now connect Vcc of the 12v battery, another end of the diode and then Connect the GND of the battery to the GND of the Dc socket.
  9. Now connect Dc Switch and Led as Represented in the Schematic Diagram.
  10. Then Finally connect the Dc Motor. 

For Making Watch this Video:-

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