Apparatus Required:

7803 voltage regulator ic.


1uf capacitor * 2

Bread Board

12v Dc female Socket

12v Power supply

wire,Red led,etc.


How to make:

Step 1:-








  Connect the 12v Dc female socket to the Bread Board,As conneted in the picture.Remember the VCC and GND pin of the Dc socket inserted in the Bread Board.

Step 2:-







    Connect a wire from the VCC of the power supply to a whole of the bread board.

Step 3:-








       Connect another from the GND of the power supply to a whole near to the previous whole inserted.

Step 4:-

     Connect two wire as shown in the picture to the led.connct the proper pin of the led to the proper whole in the bread board as connected in  the bread board.

Step 5:-

   Insert the 7803 ic in the Bread Board as shown in the picture.

Step 6:-

     Now its time to connect the capacitors,connect the +ve pin of the 1st capacitor to the +ve pin of the 12v power supply,similarly connect the GND of the capacitor to the GND of the 12v power supply.

    Similarly connect the 2nd capacitor parallel with the 2nd and 3rd pin of the voltage regulator.

    +ve pin of 2nd capacitor---->3rd pin of the 7803ic

    -ve pin of the capacitor------>2nd pin of the 7803ic

    +ve pin of 1st capacitor------>+ve pin of 12v power supply

    -ve pin of 1st capacitor------->-ve pin of the 1v power supply

    +ve of 12v--------> 1st pin of the 7803ic

   -ve of 12v----------->2nd pin of the 7803ic

    +ve of led-------->3rd pin of the 7803

    -ve of the led----->2nd pin of the 7803


  1. Can be used for the power supply unit of the instrument which are operates on 3v dc power supply.
  2. Can be used for power supply for wifi modules(ESP8266-XX).
  3. Can be used for charging a rechargeable AA battery.