Beauty products,are substances or products used to enhance or alter the appearance or fragrance of the body.Many products are designed for use of applying to the face and hair. They are generally mixture of chemical compounds;some being derived from natural sources(such as coconut oil),and some being synthetic.

Let's start to make your

own products at home....



* 1/4 Cup olive,almond or coconut oil

* 2-3 TBSP cocoa butter

*1/4 Cup Aloe vera Gel or Honey

* 1 TBSP white cosmetic clay

* 2 TBSP baking soda

* 1/4 Cup liquid soap

* Vitamin E


1. Melt the oil and cocoa butter in a double boiler until just melted.

2. Remove from heat and add other ingredients.

3. Blend well for several minutes.

4. Transfer to jar or container to store.

5. Check while it is cooling to make sure it does not start to separate.If dose,shake or mix well to reincorporate.

6.  Lasts up to two months(not sure about longer.



* 2/3 Cup coconut oil and Olive oil.

* 2/3 Cup other liquid oil like almond oil sunflower oil

* 1/4 Cup lye ( also called sodium hydroxide)

* 3/4 Cup of cool water 

Method of preparation:

1. Cover your work area with newspaper. Put your gloves. Measure your water into the jar.Measure your lye ,making sure you have exactly 1/4 cup. Slowly pour the lye into the water,stirring as you go.Stand back while you stir to avoid fumes.When the water starts to clear,you can allow it to sit while you move to next step.

2. In a jar, add your 3 oils together.Heat in a microwave for about a minute,or place the jar of oils in a pan of water to heat,check the temperature of your oils-it should be about 120'c.wait for both to cool somewhere between 95'c and 105'c.This is critical for soap making. Too low and it'll come together quickly.but be coarse and crumbly.

3. When both the lye and oils are at the right temperature, pour the oils into a mixing bowl.Slowly add the lye,stirring until it's all mixed.Stir by hand for a full    5 minutes.It's very important to get as much of the lye in contact with as much of the soap as possible. after about 5 min you can keep stirring.The soap   mixture will lighten in color and become thick.When it looks like vanilla pudding.

4. Add your herbs,essential oils or other additions at this point.stir thoroughly to and start the saponification process. saponification is the process of the base ingredients becoming soap.

5. After 24 hours, check your soap.If it's still warm or soft,allow it to sit another 12-24 hours.When it's cold and firm,turn it out onto a piece of parchment paper or baking rack. cut into bars at this point.Allow soap to cure for 4 weeks.

6. When your soap is fully cured,wrap it in wax paper or keep it in an airtight container.



* 1/4 Cup coconut milk

* 1/4 Cup liquid soap

* 20 drops of essential oils ( peppermint,lavender oil )

* For dry hair add 1/2 tsp olive or almond oil


1. Combine all ingredients in an old shampoo bottle or jar of some kind.

2. Shake well to mix.

3. Keep in shower for up to a month.

4. Shake before each use.

5. Use about a teaspoon every time you shampoo.

6. If you use a foaming dispenser,it also makes a great shaving cream just dilute with 1/4 cup distilled water! 

NOTE: Some people find that 50:50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water used as a rinse helps get hair cleaner and increases shine.



* Eggs

* Olive oil

* Honey

* Vinegar

* Lemon juice

Method of Preparation:

Firstly start with 2-3 egg yolks and whisk it thoroughly, then add about 2 tbsp. of vinegar, about 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and mix it; simultaneously add about 3 tbsp. of olive oil and 2-3 tbsp of honey. Mix it well in a blender. You will be left with a thick and whipped paste.

How to Apply:

Take the vinegar and egg conditioner paste and apply it on hair tips.After applying, leave the conditioner for about 10-15 min
and rinse it off thoroughly with cold or normal water.


Simple sugar face scrub  Chocolate Sugar Face Scrub

* 1 tsp organic sugar  

* 1/4  cup sugar

* 1-2 drops of water                *

* 1/8 cup olive oil

* 1-2 drops lemon                

* 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.Using the tips of your fingers,gently scrub into clean face.Take care to avoid the eyes.remove by rinsing with cool water,and pat dry with a clean towel. add on a layer of oil as a moisturizer,if necessary.



* 1/2 cup almond oil 

* 1/4 cup coconut oil

* 1/4 cup beeswax

* 1 tsp vitamin E

* 2 tsp cocoa butter

* Essential oil,Vanilla extract

Method of Preparation:

1. Combine almond oil , coconut oil and beeswax in a glass bowl. If using cocoa butter add it as well

2. As the water heats, the ingredients will start to melt. Stir occasionally as they melt to incorporate

3. When all ingredients are completely melted,add vitamin E oil and any essential oils or scents like vanilla.

4. Pour into whatever jar or tin you will use for storage.

5. Use as you would regular lotion.This lotion is ultra-moisturizing and more oily than water based lotions so you won't need to use as much.

NOTE: A little goes a long way ! This lotion is incredibly nourishing and is also great for diaper rash on baby,for eczema and for preventing stretch marks!



* 1/4 cup oil ( coconut,almond)

* 1/4 cocoa butter

* Wax

* Essential oil

* 1 tbsp beet root powder for color


1. Measure your oil and butter into a cup. Heat for a 1-2 min until melted.

2. Add enough wax to make a total of 3/4 cup. Melt it

3. Take a spoon and mix everything together wait a few minutes until what's left on the spoon hardens.

4. When the consistency is where you want it,add a few drops ofessential oil like peppermint grape fruit. you can color your lip balm by adding a small amount of beet root powder.

5. Carefully pour into lip balm tubes or tins .



* 2 tbsp coconut oil

* 4 tbsp aloe vera gel

* 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal( for black)

* 1/2 tsp cocoa powder ( for brown)


1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients.

2. Store in an airtight container

3. Be sure to store this in a dark and cool place



* Water

* Gelatin

* Aloe vera 

* Essential oil


1. Pour the cup of water into your saucepan and heat just before it boil.

2. add your gelatin , aloe vera and essential oil of choice

3. Stir well until smooth thick

4. Use a clean jar or plastic container to store the hair gel and keep refrigerated in between applications.

5. It must be used between 1-2 weeks



* Organic Roses 

* Distilled water


1. Remove a petals from stems and run them under luke-warm water to remove any leftover residue.

2. Add petals to a large pot and top with enough distilled water to just cover.

3. Over medium low heat bring the water to a simmer and cover.

4. Let simmer for 20-30 minutes or until petals have lost their color and are a pale pink.

5. Strain the mixture to separate the petals from the water.

6. Discard petals and place water in a glass jar to store.


1. Combine all ingredients in spray bottle and shake.

2. To apply: spray directly on face or spray a cotton pad and wipe face to remove any residue.