Bulldozer ???????????? Real ???? Don't think that it will help you in your Daily life.. it will be a fun project to play with it.You can take it to any  Science Exhibition. So let's Start....

Parts Required:-
  • 2 * 100 Rpm Dc Motor, 1* 45 Rpm Dc Motor
  • Wheels
  • 9V Battery, Battery Cap
  • 3 * DP DT Switch
  • Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Color For Coloring the Body
  • Wire, Tools, Etc.

  1. First of all cut a piece of Card Board Of size 19.5cm *21.5cm.
  2. Then Remove 2cm*7cm Piece of the board from the base cardboard as shown in the base Schematic.
  3. Now fix all the Dc Motor in the Proper place.
  4. Now connect all the wheels to all the dc motors.
  5. Now color the Body , And add Some basic Structures on the body.
  6. Then Place the 60rpm Motor in the front of the Body and connect a the claw to Dc motor
  7. Then Add some more other structure to the body and Finaly Connect the motor to the remote As the connection Displayed in the Schematic Diagram.
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