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##Today am going to show you---- how to recover your  wifi network
if its not working for some reason in your laptop.##

There are some solutions which usually works for some laptops
---Hope it will work for you too---:):):)

Note--My wifi is working so I will just show You the demo
           of the solutions--->>

1.Right click on the WIFI present  in the taskbar 
    and than click "Troubleshoot Problems"---
2.Wait for the process completes,,,It usually brings back connection 
    and repairs the error.
-->Solution 2<--

1.press "Windows+X" and goto the "device Manager"
2.Than double click on the "Network Adapters"
3.There will be your Wifi Brand name in which you have to right click
    (My wifi is of Broadcom Brand "Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter")
    Some laptops may have Ralink,Etheros etc,,,,So just check which one is of yours
4.Now Right click on that and disable it
5.Than again re-enable it .
6.Close the device manager and the wifi should work 
   (Just switch the Flightmode on and off--Optional)To get network refreshed
-->Solution 3<--

1.repeat the solution 2 till step 4 ,,,but this time you have to 
   click "unistall" when you right-click on the wifi

am not  unistalling as my wifi is  working so there will be no change 
  if i do so
2.Wait for the process to complete.
3.Than restart you Laptop.
4.The driver will be installed automatically in your laptop once your lappy restarts
5.(Optional)Again just  switch on the flight mode and turn it off 
    to just refresh it.
6.This should Work
If these Doest work ,than  in the worst case ---
--You have to Reset your Laptop--
and if still it doesnt work than check you Wifi Adapter.

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