How to make your Own MIC under  Rs.100 


Microphone technology is fascinating. A dynamic mic utilizes a metallic diaphragm that moves a thin coil of wire wrapped around a magnet to convert acoustical energy into electrical energy. In contrast, a ribbon mic uses a very thin strip of aluminum foil as a diaphragm, which enables it to move quickly in reaction to acoustic sound, yielding great high-frequency response. Condenser mics utilize a different setup. They have two electrically charged plates, one that moves as the diaphragm and one that’s fixed. This design allows for the mic to respond well to very dynamic audio signals.


Parts Required

1. LM386 IC

2. 10k resistor

3. 220 mf capacitor

4. 9 volt battery with battery cap

5. Vero-board

6. A small 8 ohm speaker


1. Attach the Female headers for the IC.

2. Connect Positive pin of capacitor to 5th pin of IC.
3. Connect negative pin of capacitor to Positive of Speaker.
4. Connect 9 volt Power Supply cap and give Positive to 6th pin of IC.
5. Connect negative to neg. of speaker and 2nd and 4th pin of IC
6. Take the Earphone jack connect 10 k resistor across them and the connect positive to 3rd pin of IC.

7. Connect negative to negative of battery.


This Part will guide you to make a small speaker which can be used in travelling Connect to Mobile and Play but the speaker must be good.


Part2 will guide you to convert the above circuit to make a complete Mic here are requirements of Part 2


1. Condessor microphone
2. 1 100k and 2 10 k resistors
3. Transistor 2N3904
4. Bread-Board
5. 2 0.1 mf capacitor


1. Connect the microphone to the breadboard.
2. Connect 10 k resistor in positive of microphone and 9-5 volt power supply.
3. Connect 0.1 mf capacitor from positive terminal to base of Transistor.
4. Connect 0.1 mf capacitor from emitter of transistor.

5. Connect 10k resistor through 9 volt positive source and emitter of transistor.

6. Connect negative of battery to collector of transistor and negative pin of microphone.

7. Now bring the project from part 1 remove the earphone jack and connect positive to the 0.1 capacitor  from emitter.
8. Connect negative to another wire.

9. Provide the 9 volt sources and speak through microphone your project is done.

10. Make a structure like Mic before that Solder every Connection (Make a switch for 9 volt source) and place the boards inside it like in the vedio .

11. Connect to mobile and record as in video to test.

12. Thank you.

Circuit Diagram Of Part 2:


Video Tutorial:-

Part-2 Vedio

Thank you