In This Tutorial, we will learn how to make a  Siren Light along with the Buzzer using an Arduino Uno.Nowadays we notice that police vehicles, ambulance, and fire rider vehicles use led sirens in place of the traditional siren system, where a red light mounted over a mother.when the motor rotates along with the motor jack motor rotates the red light which creates the rotating effect of the siren system.But nowadays With the development of the technology, we can make the same effect using some lines of Arduino code.So let's start. 
Parts Required:-
  1.     Arduino Uno
  2. Blue Led * 18
  3. Red Led * 18
  4. 22 Ohm Resister
  5. Vero Board, Tools, Etc.

  1. First of all Test 9 led and fix them in the Vero board and connect all the led in parallelly.
  2. Then Connect 9led in the Vero board and Connect the parallelly.
  3. Then make Another Two Sets Of  LEDson the Vero Board.
  4. Now Connect 22 Ohm Resister to each Vcc of the Led Sets As Connected in the Schematic below.
  5. Now Connect all the GND of the Led Set and make a common GND For all the LED Sets,And insert the Buzzer to the Circuit and Connect the GND Of the Buzzer to the Common GND Of the Circuit. 
  6. Now Connect theVcc Of the LED panels to the Arduino Uno, And Connect the Common GND of the Circuit to the GND of the Arduino Uno.
  7. For the Connection You can Follow the Schematic Diagram.
  8. Now Download the ::>>>>Arduino Code  <<<<<::    And Upload the Arduino Code to Your Arduino Board.
  9. Power Up the Arduino And test the Arduino Siren.
For Making Watch This Video:-
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