In this tutorial, we will make a bomb which can be operated by  Rf remote.
Parts Required:-
  • Rf Transmitter and Receiver Module(With Encoder Decode)
  • 5v Relay
  • 9v Battery and Battery cap.
  • Lm 298 Motor Driver
  • 12v Battery
  • Nichrome wire
  • wire, tools Etc
  1. First of all, Connect the 9v battery cap to the Power input pin of the Rf transmitter module, and check that for proper functioning.
  2. Now the Rf transmitter part is over, let's make the Rf receiver part.
  3. Now Connect the Vcc, Gnd of the Rf receiver module to the 12V battery.
  4. Now Connect the Lm298 motor driver to the 12v battery.
  6. Now Let's  Have look on the pin configuration of the 5v relay:-
  7. Coil pin: where we will give 5v input to the relay so that it can work.
  8. Common Pin: The Common pin is common for both normally closed and normally open pin.
  9. Normally Open Pin: when we are not providing 5v to the coil pin at that time the common pin is connected to the normally open pin.
  10. Normally Closed Pin: This pin will be connected to common pin when we will apply 5v current in the coil pins
  11.  Now Connect the coil pin to one of the Motor Output of the Lm298 Motor Driver.
  12. Now Connect one of the output signal pins of the rf receiver to one of the input signal pin of the Lm298.

  13. Now Connect common wire of 5v, relay to the12V VCC, Normally closed pin to one side of the nichrome wire, and another side of nichrome wire will connect to the GND Of the 12V battery.
  14. Place the nichrome wire inside the Bomb(For making bomb watch the Video).
For Making Watch this Video:-
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