Indian Cyber security has set India on alert because of this malware so stay protected from this,
 guys this malware is literally creating lot of tension among user and is capable of making u cry 
this malware encrypts all the files in your  computer and later you wont be able to open any files as their 
extension will be changed to .WCRY which is un recognizable  by your  system then the hacker will demand some money 
called  ransom and if you will pay the amount demanded they will give  you a key with which you can decipher your encrypted 
files  otherwise you have to completely format your pc  therefore i have made this video so that you can take certain precautions because  India is on high alert 
for this ,.... it has already entered in 150 countries and also affected more than 2lakhs user so it would be better if you would take these steps .. 
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