Electrical Extension cord !!!! if you are thinking to buy one then you should think about the longevity of the extension cord which is available in the market.
Expensive Electrical extension cord also gets broken within 2-3 months.So here is the solution for you make your own Electrical board which is long lasting,
 cheap and durable Electrical Extension Board.So let's Start making.

Apparatus Required:-
  1. Electrical Switch Board
  2. 2 * 2 IN 1 Socket
  3. 2 * Ac Switch
  4. Wire, Tools
  1. First of all insert all the plug, switch, current indicator in the electrical board.
  2. Now Connect the Line Point of one 2 in 1 socket to one of the points of the switch.
  3. Now repeat the same procedure for the  another 2 in 1 socket
  4. Now Connect another point of the switch to one point of the indicator as connected in the diagram below.
  5. Now Repeat the same for another switch.
  6. Another Pin of the 1st 2 in 1 socket to the pin left in the connected in the diagram below.
  7. Now repeat the same procedure for the another 2 in 1 socket
  8. Now Connect two wire in the Ac 3 pin plug
  9. Now connect the wire coming from the 3pin in the electrical board as connected in the diagram below. 
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