1. Can Be used As a Collar mic With Extended Wire And Connected to a Recording Device

2. Small Easy to handle and Care, Supports Every Device

3. Can be used as a normal microphone during calls if your cellphone microphone is damaged


1. Microphone

2. Wires

3. Audio Jack


1. Solder the Negative of Audio jack with Balck wire(Balck wire Optional) as shown in video

2. Than Solder Positive with Red wire of Audio jack.

3. The Terminal Which is connected to the outer cap of microphone is negative of microphone so connect it with black wire(Optional).

4. Connect Positive terminal With Red wire.

5. Connect the Red to Red wire and Black to black wire Of mic and Audio jack.

6. Use Black tap and Wrap the joint part and wrap the whole wire part for safety and Good looking.

7. Your Project is Ready