This is a hydroelectric generater project.This Tutorial is based on a DIY kit i have got fro the website .You can simple use this project for School project Scinece exhibition.So lets start.

Parts Required:-
  1.    You have to buy this kit from the link:
  • First of all we have to prepaire the base.So connect the base clip given in the kit to the base plate.
  • Fixed the two side bar on the base using the screw in the DIY kit
  • Now insert the Shaft in the two side bar as inserted in the diagram below.
  • Now insert the pully which will hold the cips then a bit and the big pully as inserted in the diagram below.
  • Now fit the rubber band in the big pully and in the pully connected in the motor , and set a position ofr the motor where the rubber band will slightly tight,
  • Now check that the polarity for which the led will glow, that means turn the water holder pully(according to the direction it will trun after placing it under the water fall) and connect the led in the dynamo .
  • Now test your hydroelectric generater under the water stream that falls from the roof of water / water tap.
For making watch this video: