In this project, we will make a boat that can be controlled by an Android Phone.
Parts Required:-

1. 12v Dc , DVD Motor * 2


2. Arduino Uno

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3. LM298N Motor Driver

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4. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

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5. 12 Battery

6. 2 * 1L Cooldrinks Bottle

7. Tools

8. Glue Gun

9. Wire

10. Water Propeller and Boat Kit.


  1. First, of all, make the Propeller as designed in the video and make the base of the Boat.
  2. In this Section we will Only focus on the technical Part of this tutorial so, Now connect the Two motor to the Lm298 Motor Input as connected in the Diagram below.
  3. Now connect the RX of HC-05 to TX of Arduino Uno, TX of Hc-05 to RX of Arduino, Vcc & GND of HC-05 to Vcc and Gnd of The Arduino Uno,
  4. Now connect the Data Out put from lm-298 to the PIN-4,5,6,7 of Arduino Uno
  5. Now Connect the  5V out put of the Lm298 to the Vin of the Arduino Uno, Common Gnd of Lm298 to the GND of the Arduino Uno.
  6. Then 12v Vcc input from the battery to the Vcc in of Lm298, and GND of the battery to the common battery of the LM298.
  7. Now Download the Arduino Bluetooth Control App from the Google Play store in your Android Phone.
  8. Upload the Arduino Code  in the Arduino :-
  9. Arduino Code 
  10. And Have Fun with the Smart Boat.
For Making Watch this Video:-