This is a complete tutorial based on DTH11 sensor, this sensor along with Arduino or any other micro controller provides Temperature and humidity of the environment.So let's start.

Parts Required:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. DTH11
  3. I2C
  4. 16*2 LCD


  1. First, connect the I2C to the LCD, as connected in the below picture
  2. Now connect the VCC and GND of the I2C to 5v, GND of the Arduino
  3. Then connect the SDA of I2C to the A4 of the Arduino, SCA of I2C to the A5 of the Arduino Uno.
  4. Now connect the Data Pin of the DTH11 to the pin 7 of the Arduino Uno., VCC, and GND to the Arduino Uno 5v, GND.
  5. Now DOWNLOAD The File to upload the Arduino Code to the Arduino Uno and have the test.
For Making watch this video:-
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