In this tutorial, we are going to make a 5V3.3Vpower supply for the breadboard.This project will finally provide the one side  5V and another side it can provide 3.3V or 0-12V DC power.So let's start making.

Parts Required:-
  1. LM7805
  2. LM117
  3. 2 X 0.1uF Capacitor
  4. 1 X 1uF  Capacitor
  5. 4 X 120Ohm Resister
  6. DC Female Socket
  7. Male Header Pin
  8. Red Led, Blue Led
  9. Vero Board
  1. First, insert the Female DC Socket in the Vero board.
  2. Now make 2 male header pin as a pair, and insert 4 pairs of male header pin in the Vero board in order to insert our module in the breadboard.
  3. Now insert the LM7805 in the Vero board and connect two 0.1uF capacitors to the VIN, VOUT of the Lm7805 parallel with the GND.
  4. Now connect the 12V Vcc to the VIN of the LM7805.
  5. Then connect the GND of the 12V input power supply to the GND of the LM7805.
  6. Now insert the male pin header at the center of the Vero board.
  7. connect the left header to the VOUT of the LM7805.
  8. Now connect the middle male header pin to one of the left male header pins which are left to connect with the Vero board. 
  9. Now insert the LM117 to the Vero Board.
  10. Now connect the VIN(3rd Pin) Of the LM117 to the 12V Vcc.
  11. Now connect 2 120ohm / one 240 Ohm resistor between 1st and 2nd pin of the LM117.
  12. Now insert the 5k Potentiometer to the Vero Board and connect it as connected in the diagram below.
  13. Now connect the VOUT pin of the LM117 to the right side male header pin as connected in the below schematic.
  14. Now connect the Blue led with one 120Ohm resistor to the VOUT of Lm117 and GND.
  15. Now connect the middle min of 3 male header pin to the Right side male header pin which is left to connect with the Bread Board.And connect another male header pin to the GND of the circuit.
For making of this project watch this video:-