In this tutorial, we are going to make pulse light for the bike, which will operate on 555 IC.555 IC will create a pulsating output voltage which will create a pulsating light on the LED.

Parts Required:

1. 20 Blue LEDs

Blue Led

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555 IC

555 IC

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460 Ohm Resistor

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1.6K Resistor

1.6K ohm Resistor

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1uF Capacitor

1uF capacitor

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LM 7809

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Vero Board

Vero Board

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Wire & Tools


555 IC Description:


555IC Schematic


The LM555 is a highly stable device for generating accurate time delays or oscillation. Additional terminals are provided for triggering or resetting if desired. In the time delay Mode of Operation, the time is precisely controlled by one external resistor and capacitor.




  1. Place 10 Blue Led and connect them in parallel.

  2. Similarly, Repeat the Process for the other 10 LED.

  3. LED Parllel

  4. Now Connect the two VCC and GND to make one common  VCC and GND  for Both Group of LED.

  5. Now Let's make a 12v to 9v Converter as the Power supply for the 555 IC.For that purpose, we will use LM 7809 IC

  6. Now Connect the 12V Vcc to pin 1 of LM7809 and GND to pin 2 of LM7809

  7. Now Connect Pin 8 of LM555 to PIN 3 of the LM7809

  8. Connect the pin 2 of LM7809 to the pin 1 of the LM555 IC.

  9. Now take the 1uF capacitor and connect the VCC of the capacitor and connect it to the pin 2 of the LM555 IC. and GND pin of the 1uF capacitor to the GND of the LM7809.

  10. Now Connect the pin 2 of LM555 to the pin 6 of LM555.

  11. Now connect the pin 4 of LM555 IC to the pin 3 of the LM7809.


  13. Now connect the 1.6k Resistor between pin 4 and pin 7 of the LM555 IC.

  14. Similarly, Add the 460 Ohm Resister to pin 2 and pin 7 of the LM555 IC.

  15. Now connect the Common Vcc of the LED group to the pin 3 of the LM555 IC, and Common GND of the LED Group to the pin 2 of the LM7809.

  16. Now Enjoy the Pulsating Light by connecting it to the Back Light of your Bike.


For Making Watch this video:-