Hi Guys, Welcome back to another tutorial of programming section in Beginnertopro.in, in this tutorial we will convert a website to an Android App using  the Xamarin WebView. So lets get started. Before we will Jump to coding You should have installed the Visual Studio 2017, .Net Framework 6.1 and Xamarin in your System, If you have not installed these things First install these thing then Jump to the Next part of this tutorial.

So First Of all create a Xamarin Project in the Visual Studio, To create a project First Click on the File>New>Project.

No Select the Cross-Plate Form Then Select Mobile-App(Xamarin.forms)

Then pop window wil open, Choose the android and .net framework for the Project Creation.

Now it will take some to create your project. After your Project is created Your Solution Explorer should look like the Picture shown below.


Then go to the MainPage.xml and Add the below code.

<WebView Source="http://www.beginnertopro.in/" HorizontalOptions="CenterAndExpand"

Here Replace the Source to the Url Of your Website.