I think you all know about Novel Corona Virus, if not then it’s a virus belongs to Corona Family. Previously we have been through two different category of its family named as SARS and MERS. These are generally found in Bats, Snakes, and Lizards. But the recently evolved Novel Corona Virus was Designed and developed in laboratory as a Bio-Weapon.

Many Rumors are there about Novel Corona Virus are currently in air. Let’s See.

1. As Told By Chinese Government

According to Chinese Government Novel Corona Virus First Found in the Sea Food Market of Wuhan, China on December 2019. First Case was notice by one of the Chinese doctor. But China Government First arrested that doctor telling that doctor is spreading rumors in International Level. Then the China government release that doctor by under taking that he will not share More Rumors about Novel Corona Virus.

After the doctor released from jail he also get infected by Novel Corona Virus and died in January 2020.According to China Government till now around 1000 people died in China and more than 90000 people are infected. But there are lots of controversy is there about these facts. All the figures mentioned by Chinese government are faked when one the most leading Chinese News Company's Data Got Leaked in internet saying that around 24000 people are dead because of corona virus and more than LAKH peoples got infected. But till now this data is also received as a rumor.


2. According to Top Secret Agencies:

According to Secrete agencies Novel Corona Virus was developed as a bio weapon in one of the laboratory of Canada. One of the Secrete agents of China Government Stole that virus from Canada lab and took it to china, Then Chinese government is testing that Virus on Humans on a lab present outside of the Wuhan City from there this virus start spreading through humans.

Some of news industry's are also telling that there is a deal going on between China Secrete Agents and American Secrete agents on Selling of Novel Corona Virus, in Sea Food Market Of Wuhan City during that time firing started and corona virus got leaked in public.

3. Some Mythology:

One of the book written years ago, have content mentioned that in year 2020 one Virus named as Wuhan 400 will evolved which will lead to Mass destruction in entire world. One of the monk in China also revealed years ago that one Virus will spread in late 2020 which will destroy the world.

At the end we can tell one thing don’t panic, don’t listen to any one just take percussive measure. Stay immune.