How the Chinese government dealing with the COVID-19 so that now daily reported cases in COVID-19 dropped drastically. Let's see the chart that shows the details report of COVID-19 cases reported in China.

Now China is not the epicenter of COVID-19 Virus because of the safety measures taken by the Chinese Government. According to WHO Europe is the Epicenter of COVID-19.

Now let's see what are the safety measures that are taken by the Chinese government so that they are able to get COVID-19 in control.

1. Speed and accurate detection of affected patients.

It's very difficult when the affected persons are more. The traditional methodology takes 2 - 3 days for the blood test to detect the affected Patients of COVID-19, So the Medical Authorities gave more focus to develop a Testing kit which will give results in minutes rather than days so that the identification of the patients should be quick. On January 13 National Medical Products Administration of China develop its first testing kit which can detect the Affected Persons within 10 minutes.


2. Right decision at right time, at the right place, for the right people.

Firstly the Chinese Government did not accept the COVID-19 spread but after large spreading within the peoples, they have taken the case very seriously. They have locked down the entire affected cities. So that contamination should not spread to other cities.

They have locked down the epicenter Wuhan, from where the spread of COVID-19 started,

They have Sanitized the entire city.

They have Build Temporary hospitals within few days to quarantine patients.

Doctors and nurses of the hospitals gave their level best to serve the COVID-19 affected patients.

Provide clear guidance about the degree and scope of lockdowns.

Track implementation down to individuals, apartments, houses, communities, organizations, public facilities, and city management.

Keep essentials like food and supplies flowing through organized, government-controlled arrangements.

Designate infectious disease care and management facilities to isolate, monitor and treat positive cases.

Establish electronic recording and tracking systems and local response teams to handle identified cases 24/7.

Establish centralized reporting and communication channels to keep citizens informed.

3. Use Of Information Technology.

Chinese Government along with Alibaba they had developed apps using Big Data where every single person, have to go through medical supervision first, then they have to update their body temperature, medical health details daily. According to their information, the App will provide them a GREEN or  YELLOW or  RED flag.

If they get a green flag, then they can go to their work freely.

If they get a yellow flag, then they have to be quarantined themself for 7 days.

If they get a red flag they have to quarantine themself for 14 days.

If they got the yellow or red flags, after successful completion of the Quarantine period they have to go through the medical check-up process if they have passed medical screening they will be provided with a green flag.

In this way, they have tracked every single person who is present in the city or coming to the city to stop the spreading of COVID-19.

4. Taking preventive measures at Comunity, Business, School, Market, House

Chinese Government Shut down all the public gatherings to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

They disinfect with sanitizer every single person before entering any public facilities like Community, Business, Schools, Market places, Airports.

5. Keep the public well informed.

China has provided continuous, clear communication to the public. In Hangzhou, for example, the major news outlet provides daily updates on the number of COVID-19 cases and clinical treatment outcomes, plans to be implemented and guidelines and procedures to follow.