It took milestones and ages of effiicient and crook approach to drown the optimistically surviving the leaf on the surface of water. They threw stones, the waves emptied up its belly to level up but it still floated. 

            It portrayed the will, the optimism and the strength which binded it up from cell to cell and made it stand aginst all the odds of nature. Surprisingly it outcasted all those who upholded against it and it triumphed. Life is similarly made up of such tiny aspects around us. The leaf is the primary goal of every being and all the forces of nature are the evils that try to replenish their thirst by drowing us in the battle of our life.

Speaking of the evil forces, honestly there's nothing as such. Its just two categories competing in their own aspects and perception. The one which wins outlaws and the one which is defeated learns. The human life is as such has its own evil such as 'Egoism','Crook','selfishness','anger' and 'envy'. I wont surprise you with further detailing of it as these are the drawbacks which let down our will. The being who is devoid of such is a winner as he is phrased as a 'Yogi'. Coming to the topic of discussion is Success. I would emphasisinly quote that Success is nothing but a state of mind. We are successful in every state of life if we are contended. Coming to the part of Yogi ; definitely he is the most successful being as it has effiicinetly controlled over its own drawbacks which has thereby improvised its aspects and goals of life that is contentment. Contentment in every aspect of life is victory. A contented man is joyous and intellectual because he has clearer state of mind and optimistic approach towards the hazards of nature.

A contended man's key power is will and his ultimate salvation is Karma. We all are aware of the effluents of Karma. So a person who respects Karma is successful as he is climing the steps of success of his set of goals. Concluding in a nutshell I would subsitute all the words with a single word that is perception. A man with optimistic perception is forever succesfull in life, contended in his space and definitely the richest man alive in terms of love, peace and definition.