Anshupa Lake the fresh water lake is situated on the lap of Saranda and Bishnupur hills at Cuttack district of Odisha.  This horse shoe shaped lake is known for its natural beauty.  The small yet extremely picturesque lake is hub of migratory birds during winter. Places to visit in Anshupa are its natural beauty, migratory and domiciled birds, where you can find 42 types of bird species.  Nearby tourist attraction in Anshupa are Netaji Birth place Museum, Stone Revetments, Quadam-l-Rasool, and Hatakeswara Temple etc. Best time to visit Anshupa is October to March. 


  • Anshupa Lake is situated on the lap of  Saranda and Bishnupur hills, Cuttack District .
  • Ansupa Lake in Banki is about 35 km from Bhubaneswar and 70 km from the city of Cuttack  & 15 km from bannki.

Attractions – Ansupa is a small but picturesque lake offering an asylum to migratory birds in winter

Best time to visit – October to March
Language – Odia, Hindi and English.

How To Reach Ansupa Lake:- 

  • Nearest Airport – Bhubaneswar Airport
  • Nearest Railhead –  Cuttack Railway station
  • By Road   – The nearest bus stop is Athagarh. Regular bus services are available upto Athagarh from Cuttack. One has to travel the road distance from Athagarh to Ansupa (14 kms) either by hired Tax