1. Line Follower Chesis

2. Caster Wheel

3. Arduino Uno

4. Motor Driving Unit L298N

5. Jumpers Wires

6. Screw Packets

7. Motors 60 rpm

8. Wheels

9. Battery 12 volt

10. Ir sensors 

11. Bread-Board

12. Voltage regulator with heat sink


1. Follow the Tutorial be Carefully at Connection Part.
2. Use the Caster Wheels as front wheel Place it in position as shown in Vedio or Chesis has Place for it
3. Place Motors at Back panels of chesis 2 Motors for both side and Joins wheels in them as shown in Vedio
3. Place a Breadboard For multiple Connection
4. Now Place L298N And Connect the 2 Motors in Out1,Out2,Out3&Out4 as Shown in Vedio
5. Now Place the Arduino in middle
6. Create A mechanism as in Vedio for IR sensors For detection Purpose
7. Take  LM7805 and place it in Breadboard 
8. Provide 12 volt(+ve of Battery Red Part) to LM7805 and Gnd(-ve of battery Black Part) and Take 5 volt for Arduino and Sensors
9. Provide 12volt and Gnd To L298N.

As Per Vedio
You Can Use the PIN no. As per your Wish but than Change the Code for it
Using 2(3 Series) IR Sensor
1. Connecting S1,S2,S3(Output of each sensor) of Left Ir Sensors to 7,5,6 pins
2. Connecting S1,S2,S3(Output of each Sensor) of Right Ir Sensor to 4,3,2 pins
3. Providing Input to L298N from Arduino From 13,12,11,10 (If Motor Rotates Opposite of wat you want just swap the Red and Black wire in L298N)

Q.What is use of Line Follower?
ans. A line following robot carrying medicine has been designed for providing the medicine to the patient whenever they need it. A Line follower robot is an electronic system that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor. Generally, the line is specified a predefined path that can be either visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted color. Light dependent resistor sensor has been attached with the robot whose resistance varies with light intensity. When the LDR receives maximum amount of light then its resistance goes to its minimum value, ideally zero and when no light falling on the LDR then its resistance goes to its maximum value, ideally infinitive. A switch with IR sensor has been fitted near the patient, which connection has been made by the robot too. If the patient presses the switch then a flag bit set in the microcontroller, from which line following robot follows the line and got reached near the patient and provide the medicine to the patient with the help of dc motor. A proximity sensor also has been attached with the robot so that robot can detect any obstacle on their ways and can alarm. The ability to get someone around the clock is the best thing that this system can do. This technology focused on the delivery of safe, timely, efficient, effective, patient-centered and equitable health care.

 Arduino code-:

void setup() {
  //left sensor output to arduno input
 //Right Sensor output to arduino input 
 //output from audrino to motor drive 
 //Right motor audrino to motor Drive
 //left Motor Arduino motor Drive


void loop() {
 //left sensor input
 int l1=digitalRead(7);
 int l2=digitalRead(6);
 int l3=digitalRead(5);
 //Right Sensor Input
 int r1=digitalRead(4);
 int r2=digitalRead(3);
 int r3=digitalRead(2);
  //goes forward
else if((l2==LOW)&&(r2==HIGH))
{//turns right
else if((l2==HIGH)&&(r2==LOW))
{//turns left

  else if((l2==LOW)&&(r2==LOW))
{//Stay still


Downloade Arduino code